starting a site in the fitness niche

Fitness and everything to do with fitness is big business! There are still a lot of opportunities to be scooped up in the fitness niche…

When starting a fitness Instagram page, blog or website, you have some options. You could make a branded/business/brand page or theme page. A personal fitness page, with tailor-made exercises might also be worthwhile doing – become your own brand!.

The downsides of getting into the Fitness niche

There are some downsides to this niche. Its popular so there are plenty of big competitors. One of those is a large cahnnel on Instagram: There are also many large personal/brand pages out there which you will need to compete with for your slice of the niche.

Standing out in the fitness niche

What you can do to stand out is that you can do something original. Something others are not doing and might start a trend. A great idea would be to set up a theme and personal brand account publishing daily fitness tips and tricks. People will follow if you aim to motivate people and get them coming back for more great, original content. Put out some great content and the follower will follow! 

How to make money in this sporty niche

There are products that you can sell on a website that you make. You could write a blog that you monetize with affiliate ads. For those keen writers you could write your own book and sell that as downloadable eBook. Through your site or blog you could also sell various fitness products, health supplements and put in some affiliate products that are well suited to your fitness sub-niche.