A list of website niches that make money

It’s always about the market first and the product second. Dont put the cart before the horse If you put up a new website without any marketing, advertising, or promotion nobody will ever find it. the all-important first step is missing: figuring out if there’s a market for that product. Are there actual customers out … Read more

Start a product review blog on WordPress

review site on wordpress

I think I got it figured out.Start a product review blog through WordPress. Don’t worry about having the product as long as you leave a disclaimer. And be sure to be forthright as possible. Take good care as to knowing your audience/your products, write your reviews to person and be aware of how to write … Read more

A true power-niche. The fitness industry

starting a site in the fitness niche

Fitness and everything to do with fitness is big business! There are still a lot of opportunities to be scooped up in the fitness niche… When starting a fitness Instagram page, blog or website, you have some options. You could make a branded/business/brand page or theme page. A personal fitness page, with tailor-made exercises might also … Read more