review site on wordpress

I think I got it figured out.
Start a product review blog through WordPress. Don’t worry about having the product as long as you leave a disclaimer. And be sure to be forthright as possible. Take good care as to knowing your audience/your products, write your reviews to person and be aware of how to write good sales copy.

Drive traffic to your blog via leaving thoughtful comments on other bloggers sites in your niche and politely ask for. Maybe a shout out on their blog with a link back to your page, a shout out on twitter etc with a link back to your blog, hit up facebook pages in your niche doing the same. Ride the coat tails so to say of other successful people to trickle traffic back to your blog.

More people to your site, in combination with rich tags/keywords, should boost your SEO score, right?

Produce 1 blog per day for 90 days to fast track your success. Better yet, write all 90 at your leisure and auto post them to your blog over 90 days. To keep people coming back be sure to setup an auto responder plug-in on your blog asking for their email. Hook your customer with an ethical bribe. Promise a free bonus weekly how to video, a tantalizing pdf with killer information, a newsletter letting them know the latest and greatest coming down the pipe before anyone else, etc. As long as it’s solid, relevant information.

Upon seeing consistent monetary results of your efforts, you compile everything you’ve learned, every tip, trick and failure into a how to affiliate market program. Shoot a 45 min YouTube video amongst a bunch of others subtly advertising your e-course. This course is of course available through the link in the description and takes you a completely separate webpage.

Here you’ll see, great copy, proof of authority on the subject, testimonials, the call to action, a couple of P.S.’s for the persons who scroll to the bottom for the price and of course the email grab popup. Which gives you an even bigger list to sell to.

Does this at all sound familiar sir?